Player Commands



/rules - List Of Rules.
/players - List Of Players.
/showdamage - Damage Popup.
/foundations - Check Where You Have Placed Foundations.
/infodate name - last Seen.
/lastwipe - Date Of Last Wipe.
/nextwipe - Date Of Next Wipe.
/hp - Website Of Rustland.
/discord - Our Discord Server.
/wholooted - List Of Who Looted Your Box.


/tpr name - Tp To A Friend.
/tpa - Accept A Teleport Request.
/tpc - Cancel A Tp Request.
/sethome name - Set Home At Your/Friends Base.
/sethome remove - Remove A Sethome.


/addfriend name - Add A Friend. (FriendlyFire Off)
/unfriend name - Kick A Player From Your Friendlist.
/share name - Share A Friend.


/pm name message - Send A Private Message.
/r message - Answer Your Last Private Message.
/pmhistory page - History Of Your Private Messages.
/pmsearch word - Searching System.
/page - Resultat Of Search.
/history - Chat History. (You can search /chat name date Or word)
/chat.on - Chat Activated.
/ - Chat Deactivated.


/rank - View Your Rank Stats.
/rstats - View Your Stats.
/top - Tops Of Rank Stats.
/kitlist - See Kits/Items.
/buykit - Buy Kit.


/ahelp - Commands Of Arena.
/challenge name - A 1 On 1 Duel.
/accept - Accept This Challenge.
/giveup - Give Up Challenge.
/temp - Get Informations For Treasure Event. (Starts Between 25 And 40 Minutes, Needs 5 Players.)


/report name - Needed 3 Reports For Auto-Check.
/kit - List Of Kits.
/kit name - Take A Kit.
/location - Location From Your Position.
/location name - Location From Your Friends Position.
/remove - Remove Your Or Shared Structures.
/set - FPS Commands.
/autodoor time - Change Time Of Autodoor.
/mod - Take Off All Mods Of Weapon.
/gpshelp - Commands Of GPS.